Unreal trumpets: in which we stay at an odd hotel

1 11 2015

unreal trumpets

After the roof rack had been repaired at the workshop in the middle of nowhere, we continued our long drive to Mokokchung, arriving after dark.

We stayed at the Hotel Metsuben, which is the only hotel in the area, and gets used by tourists like us as an unavoidable stop en route to our next destination. It was staffed by a swarm of of very young men, all dressed very fashionably, one of them painfully so. And whilst the outside had some merit we were soon to find that the inside had nothing to recommend it.

Windows. Shadows.

We had to walk a way, past lots of rooms marked as standard, to find our own deluxe rooms. Very glad we weren’t in standard, because these were the scruffiest and most insalubrious rooms of the whole trip (the only ones, really). We don’t mind basic, but we do need clean. These rooms had mouldy curtains and you didn’t want to touch things. That’s the one thing that is difficult to deal with well with when travelling. Cold showers, no running water, no electricity, are all things that can be handled with equanimity, but grime is just depressing and prevents us from relaxing. Need to work on that.

Dinner, however, was surprisingly good, though we were the only people in the restaurant.

But the beds were very hard. That’s very hard even when compared to the normal hard Indian beds.

We were the only people in the restaurant for breakfast too, though we did see other guests wandering in and out of the standard rooms. Everything at breakfast was brought to us in tupperware that had seen better days, but again the food itself was good.

As the bus was loaded, #1 Guide walked us round the hotel garden, identifying the plants that produce the sour fruit and the mulberry-like fruit tasted earlier on the trip.

Really weren’t sorry to leave Mokokchung.

morning flowers

— words by Elizabeth & Paul
— pictures by Paul & Elizabeth
— more pictures in Assam & Nagaland album and Majuli Island album.




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