Songs of salvation: in which we get excited about a triple over-bridge

26 10 2015

Roofs, many roofs

Before dinner the Christian rock band were rehearsing again, with a lot of one-way Jesus, but also another song about salvation. We took a stroll around town, but most of it was closed, it being Good Friday.

Structure of grey

We were heading to a local night market but found it closed, which we should have predicted.

There were still a few people about, with some setting up stalls on rugs on the pavement, selling mostly vegetables and fried snacks. One gentleman asked us the normal questions about where we had come from, but then finished with a very jolly ” Welcome to Nagaland!”.

Local food here

The importance of architects

Earthquakes don't kill...

Wonderland: found

Here be Wonderland!

In the dying light

One of the highlights of the walk were the over-bridges: first a normal double span and then a spectacular triple. Constructed from steel and concrete they looked like a someone had just forced them into the existing buildings, thinking only of function but accidentally creating elegant structures. It being Good Friday, these normally essential structures were not needed, given the complete lack of evening traffic.

Double over!

Start of the triple


One of the few open shops

At the shop

As dusk fell we stopped at small tea shop for excellent chai and k-pop from a transistor radio.

End of a long day

On the way back #1 guide observed that some clients would have blamed him for the market being closed. This just baffled us as it was hardly within his control, and anyway isn’t the point of travelling to make something of whatever comes your way? Just think: if we had gone to the market we might have missed those marvellous over-bridges.

— words by Paul
— pictures by Paul
— more pictures in Assam & Nagaland album and Kohima album.




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