Scooped: in which we avoid looking at meat

16 10 2015


Before starting today’s journey we sat around at the hotel reading the local newspapers. The favourite headline, and one we should have photographed, was “Two Held With Arms”.

We finally set off two hours behind schedule and, abandoning all plans to stop along the way, arrived in Dimapur, Nagaland in time for lunch. Number 2 guide ordered lunch for us, while number 1 guide led us on a stroll around the nearby market.

The walk to/from the market was at least as interesting as the market, starting from the classic 70s hotel, built on a much greater scale than expected.

Strong windows

We then walked by a small shopping complex, again very 1970s and looking like it had seen little use since then.

Better days to come?

Then along a busy concrete colonnade, still in the 1970s.

On the way home

Medical supplies

…finally we arrive at the market

by the sackful

Awaiting customers


Our guide bought one of these gigantic knives to take home with him. We would have liked one too, but we were travelling home by plane, not train.

not allowed on the plane

after the rains

all kinds of chillies

We were told they sell dog at this market, but we studiously avoided the meat section. (We don’t really understand being squeamish about some meat, but not others – we are squeamish about all meat.)

We walked back along the colonnade, and past the auto-stand back to the hotel for lunch (which again was much better than the surroundings would suggest). The restaurant had place mats with various local world records. Did you know that the largest ever guitar ensemble was in Nagaland? You do now.

Food and drink here


— words by Elizabeth & Paul
— pictures by Paul & Elizabeth
— more pictures in Assam & Nagaland album and Dimapur album.




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