Pattern, texture, colour: in which we fail to leave on time and buy a tea tray instead

14 10 2015

how to make an entrance

We should have started the day with an early departure for Nagaland but one of our fellow travellers needed a visit to the doctor (successful: she soon recovered). Making the most of the extra time, we went for a walk through the village and along the main road, enjoying the inevitable photo opportunities.

all the features

Use of colour

how to make an entrance

red gates

Entrance instructions

someone's piece of heaven

Squares meet

signs and graphics

Three together

Join the AJYP

Come rain or shine

When the heavens opened we took refuge in a cane furniture shop, making ourselves at home on the products. We also indulged in some light retail therapy, buying three tea trays betweens us. Ours was an excellent buy that we use most days.

outside the shop

The morning's journey

brutally assamese


Shrine to concrete

When it rained again we took shelter in a small chai stall, where our guide enjoyed time chatting with the Nepali proprietor. There was no sign of the rain ever stopping so we called the bus to collect us.

the chai wallah's arm

A very welcome refuge

— words by Paul & Elizabeth
— pictures by Paul & Elizabeth
— more pictures in Assam & Nagaland album and Kaziranga album.




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