Crested serpent eagle, with serpent: in which we go on a jeep safari

10 10 2015

Watch out

After our elephant safari and then breakfast, we headed out again at 8:30am back to Kaziranga National Park for an optional jeep safari. One our of group, feeling rather under the weather, decided to stay at the hotel, so we ended up with two open jeeps each with two tourists in the back and one of our two guides in the front with the driver. We were happy to be in the real, old, battered jeep that showed evidence of having been repaired many times over many years. As it turned out, the driver as well as the vehicle was the real deal, with an phenomenal talent for spotting and identifying wildlife.

Among the things we saw were: rhinos, buffalo, storks of many kinds, deer, sambar, vultures, a crested serpent eagle with a snake in its talons, a changeable hawk eagle, wild elephants, common kingfisher, pied kingfisher, India roller, herons – including a purple heron, pelicans, Assam roofed turtles sunning themselves, wild boar, lesser adjutant storks…

crested serpent eagle, with serpent

crested serpent eagle, with serpentwild boar

wild boar

just a drongo – not rare, but I like the photo

just a drongo

a family of elephants

family with mynahs

the wild ones

and more

jungle full of elephants


stork reflections

tree full of storks

changeable hawk eagle

changeable hawk eagle

nesting vulture

vulture's nest

open-billed stork – dismissed by our guides as very common, but not at all common for us

open-billed stork

pied kingfisher

pied kingfisher

Indian roller

Indian roller

Whenever we saw cows or buffalo, each one seemed to be equipped with its own personal egret

my own personal egret

Personal Egret became one of the songs of the trip.

An added architectural bonus of this part of the Park were the observation towers: elegant modernist structures, both functional and beautiful.

Lake view

— words by Elizabeth & Paul
— pictures by Elizabeth & Paul
— more pictures in Assam & Nagaland album and Kaziranga album.




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10 10 2015
mukul chand

Great Post

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