Dis mah bucket: in which we have our own private ferry

24 09 2015

dis mah bucket

After the temple visit, we headed back to the Brahmaputra to catch a ferry to Peacock Island, the river’s smallest inhabited island.

Departure point

There were lots of in-country tourists doing the same thing. They were all dressed up in festival finery and crammed tightly into their boat. We, embarrassingly, had a boat of the same size for just the five of us and our two guides. The local tourists seemed to find this highly amusing.

speeding by

On the island is the seventeenth century Shiva temple of Umananda, where virgin girls were seated in the outer chamber and lots of prayers and offerings were happening in their presence.

Ring. Ring.

The inner sanctum was down steep, steep steps into the darkness of an underground chamber. We peeked, to see the carvings and Shiva lingam, but didn’t try to enter.

All the trimmings

There is also a small Hanuman temple on the island and, reputedly, fifty golden langurs. We only saw one of them. Nearby was a spectacular sunset view point, but the weather gods failed to supply a spectacular sunset. They did supply some excellent fresh coconut water before the boat back to town.

your rocky shrine

Beneath the Gods

— words by Elizabeth
— pictures by Elizabeth & Paul
— more pictures in Assam & Nagaland album and Guwahati album.




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