Views of Laos: the south

31 08 2013

Another short flight brings us to the city of Pakse and a boat trip down the Mekong Do Khong, one of the many islands in this part of the river. From here we visited waterfalls, saw river dolphins and took an elephant ride to a temple. The trip was completed with a land crossing back into Thailand.

The full set of photographs from this part of the trip can be found here.

On the Mekong south of Pakse
A type of grandeur

On the way up to Wat Phu
Seeking shelter

Inside one of the shrines at Wat Phu
One among many

On the wall at Wat Phu
Standing. Watching

A pontoon bridge to Khong Island
Walk on water

The Mekong from Khong island
Light splash

On the way to Ban Khang Tanglae village
Erode over time and water

At Ban Khang Tanglae village
Happy together

— words by Paul
— pictures by Paul




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