Views of Laos: Luang Prabang

27 08 2013

The second part of our trip through Laos finds us in the former capital of Luang Prabang. The old city, with no buildings over four stories, is bounded by the Mekong and Nam Khan rivers and, other than a small area of bars for young people, is quite lovely.

The full set of photographs from this part of the trip can be found here.

Very early in the morning for Tak Bat, the Monk’s Alms Procession

Coffee and doughnuts at the Saney Om coffee shop
Coffee and doughnuts

Inside Wat Visoun (aka Wat Wisunarat)
Increase in size

Fortune telling at Wat Visoun (aka Wat Wisunarat)
Good fortune today?

One of many colonial buildings in the centre of town
Good structure

Statue at the Royal Palace Museum
I watch over you

Part-finished statue
Will be finished one day

On the bank of the Mekong
View of a purple world

— words by Paul
— pictures by Paul




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