Views of Laos: the north

26 08 2013

In March 2013 we spent sometime travelling through Laos. We started by crossing the Mekong from Thailand to the small but pleasant town of Ban Houei Sai, leaving our passports for a visa whilst we went for lunch. Our bus then took use to Luang Namtha for village life and a walk in the hills. Then on to Nong Khiaw for spectacular river views and a boat trip down towards Luang Prabang.

The full set of photographs from this part of the trip can be found here.

Traditional village house
Sustainable development

Less than traditional village children
Young hipster

River view at Nong Khiaw
Look the other way

Rock formations on the Nam Ou river south of Nong Khiaw
Water line

Local village weaving
Detailed working

Kitchen in a village house
Kitchen support

Bridge across the Nam Ou river at Nong Khiaw
View from the bar

Inside the Pak Ou caves on the Nam Ou/Mekong river confluence
Fire pot

— words by Paul
— pictures by Paul




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