the road goes ever on

22 06 2013

11th March: we drove and drove and drove.

The journey by bus from Luang Prabang to Phonsavanh took about 9 hours, though there were lots of stops for leg-stretching, visits to the happy room, and buying little cans of sweet, cold coffee.

There were also photo stops for mist and palm trees

down in the valley

down in the valley

mountains and mist

mountains and mist

the mists of time

the mists of time

among the palms

among the palms

At lunchtime we walked through the local market, where the cooked food stalls had mechanised fly-whisks

mechanised fly whisks

TL stopped to show us something

can you guess what’s inside?

can you guess what's inside



Who wants to try it?

Brian will eat anything

Brian will eat anything

As well as the stalls selling food and other goods, we found a fairground-style stall with darts to throw at balloons. Three hits wins you a very small prize.

Our room in the hotel at Phonsavanh turned out to be the penthouse – sofa and chairs, floor to ceiling windows, an indoor balcony, choice of beds… Reassuringly, there were lots of things that didn’t work – lamps without a plug, and a bathroom in which it was impossible to wash your hands without also washing your feet.

Dinner close by at a restaurant run by a Brit, his Lao wife and their friend. Excellent food. We tried the only alternative to BeerLao, Namkhong, but it really wasn’t as good.

— words & pictures by Elizabeth




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