home-cooked style

21 06 2013

After viewing waterfalls and bears, we returned to Luang Prabang in time for lunch. We strolled along the Khan River side of the peninsula, planning to walk across the scary-looking bamboo bridge and eat at the restaurant on the other side. But before we’d gone far, we found ourselves drawn to the Khem Khane Food Garden. Viewed objectively there didn’t seem to be much to recommend it, but I think it reminded us of the tavernas we’ve eaten at on our many trips to small Greek islands.

It was a big area, full of tables, with a roof, but no walls. It had a good view of the river and just one customer. We sat down and ordered beer, and then started catching up with our journals. Have I mentioned that this is the first time I’ve ever written up a complete journal for a trip? I’m pretty sure that this is down to (a) increasing consciousness of my sketchy memory and (b) the discovery of glue dots. Glue dots get round the liquids-on-planes issue, and because they’re in flat sheets they can be tucked into the pocket at the back of the journal. And they’re fun to use.

Aaaaanyway, we decided to take a chance and eat in this same place. The waiter took our order and then headed off to a group of people sitting next door. The woman listened to him and then disappeared into the distance. We waited. For quite a while. But we’re pretty laid back about things when we’re on holiday.

Eventually the waiter disappeared into the distance and returned with my veg curry soup. After a little while he did it again and brought Paul’s veg curry soup (different curries). And the food was delicious. It was spicy and tasty and had a really satisfying home-cooked feel to it.

In the end we didn’t go anywhere else, we just had another beer, wrote, watched the people on the river and eventually headed back to the hotel for a shower and nap before dinner.

We ate dinner on the other side of the peninsula, by the Mekong River. And we were just in time for a beautiful sunset.

mekong sunset

— words & pictures by Elizabeth




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