Wat Visonnarath, inside

16 06 2013

After a second breakfast (egg and chips), we walked a few metres down the road from our hotel to Wat Visonnarath, built in the 1500s by the king of the time. He chose to build it in the Khmer style which was typical several centuries earlier.

When the stupa was built it was filled with jewellery and statues of the buddha, but it was looted in 1887 when an earthquake caused cracks in the structure. Most recently the stupa was renovated in 1932.

Inside the temple were lots of buddha statues, some of them very old

wish-granting buddha

wish-granting buddha

some of them very new

blinged up


many of them rather beautiful

standing in the light

standing in the light

stop fighting

stop fighting

(that’s what the posture with out-facing palms means)

calling for rain

calling for rain

arms at the sides, palms facing into the body – these buddhas are calling for rain

the three siddharthas

the three siddharthas

buddha in siddhartha form

— words & pictures by Elizabeth




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