driving to Nong Kiau

10 06 2013

There really isn’t much to report about this day of our trip – it was all about driving to the next destination. It wasn’t a dull day, we made lots of toilet (or Happy Room, as TL put it) stops and had little strolls through markets. At one of the stops TL bought a gigantinormous watermelon for the group – probably the best watermelon I’ve ever tasted.

Our rooms at the next stop were wooden cabins on the steeply banked riverside.

modest accommodation

modest accommodation

fishermen: a view from the balcony


fantasy bed

fantasy bed

Okay, maybe not so modest!
It was wonderful to lie in bed and listen to the sound of the river. And the birds. And the insects.

ginger flower

ginger flower

Visible from our balcony.

view from the middle of the bridge

from the middle of the bridge

That’s the river, and on the right hand bank you can see our cabins.

glistening river

glistening river

the other view from the middle of the bridge



The food at this hotel was particularly delicious too.

— words & pictures by Elizabeth




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