Leu village

6 06 2013

After breakfast, which included delicious ginger tea, we set off – in our unmissable yellow bus – for a longish drive to Luang Namtha, stopping at a couple of villages en route.

First stop, was a Leu village, where we walked around, took photos and were invited inside someone’s home. Surprisingly, this didn’t feel like gawking, or like a human zoo, but seemed much more of a two-way process.

The families and the community as a whole are self-sufficient, raising pigs, chickens, ducks and growing veg. Typically they have six children per family, and the family income is between $2,000-$3,000 per year. They still manage to educate (at least some of) their children to degree level. Getting a degree costs the family about $60 per month as well as housing in and transport to/from the capital, Vientiane.

Garlic is grown for the leaves, rather than the bulbs.

caged garlic

(And didn’t we have the prettiest tour leader ever?)


self sufficient

There’s a lot of weaving done on looms that are set up under the houses.

under the house

For a young Lao man, part of the process of wooing a bride is impressing her parents. Our tour leader observed that he’d chopped and carried an awful lot of wood to impress his in-laws. Any village house with a well-stocked woodpile can be assumed to have an especially desirable daughter…

someone has an attractive daughter

The house we saw was quite large, with a separate kitchen.

tidy kitchen





— words & pictures by Elizabeth




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