which wat?

3 06 2013

The first day of our Lao trip was spent in Thailand. We were expecting to have a free morning, but ended up needing to entertain ourselves for the whole day. We were joined by an early-arriving Canadian and set off to find a boat ride round the canals.

We’d hardly walked any distance at all before someone volunteered to help us, produced a map from his pocket, annotated it, told us how much to pay and flagged down a tuktuk. Everything worked smoothly, and we later were able to confirm that we’d paid a reasonable price for our trip.

It was soothing to sit and watch the world float by. There were all sorts of buildings – old, new, decorative, industrial, ramshackle, residential, wood, concrete – but my photography mojo hadn’t really caught up with me.

We got off the boat to look at Wat Khun Chan (it appeared to be compulsory)



up on the roof

up on the roof

phallic objects

phallic objects

golden ball

golden ball

After the boat ride we walked through the market, avoided a downpour, failed to avoid a sustained storm, had lunch, and visited Wat Pho, with its ginormous reclining Buddha (43m long)


look at the size of those feet

look at the size of those feet

I bought a dish of small coins and dropped one in each of 108 bowls that line the wall as you walk past the buddha thereby, I’m sure, improving my karma quotient. (I’ve done so many auspicious things in buddhist places, I feel I should be recognised as some kind of saint.) There’s a constant sound from all the coins clattering into the bowls.

In the evening we met the rest of our group of travellers and had dinner together.

— words & pictures by Elizabeth




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