Introducing The Brave Sons of Elijah Perry

27 06 2012

Wanted, but for what crime?
On the wall, Warehouse Cafe

The new disc from the ever-so talented The Brave Sons of Elijah Perry has just been launched at the Warehouse Cafe in Digbeth, Birmingham.

The launch included an excellent performance from the band with a Red Goose sing-a-long, a new song, Washboard Dan and a trumpet. We strongly recommend the disc which you can purchase here.

The Brave Sons of Elijah Perry are, in their own words:

a band of malingering reprobates – Doc DW, Queasy Joe, and one Tatum Perry – who bring the finest in roots Americana to the listening public, via diverting live performances and a currently homeless discursive internet radio show

The video below, recorded with good quality sound at the Nursery Tavern in Coventry, gives a flavour of what you can expect. There are further videos on the Brave Sons You Tube channel.

Salty dog, Nursery Tavern

And these are the Brave Sons

Around the microphone
Doc DW, Tatum & Queasy Joe around the mic, Nursery Tavern

I say Sir, are you photographing me?
Doc DW, Nursery Tavern

the listening sons of Elijah Perry
Queasy Joe, Tatum & Doc DW listening to others, Nursery Tavern

To find out more about The Brave Sons of Elijah Perry visit the website, which includes live dates and follow them on Twitter.

If you like The Brave Sons then we suggest you also check out the Mellow Peaches and Dan Hartland (who combine to make The Brave Sons).

— words by Paul
— pictures by Paul & Elizabeth
— talent by The Brave Sons of Elijah Perry




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