Britain’s scariest roads: more anti-Birmingham propaganda

27 11 2009

In yet another small sample survey Birmingham has come out badly. After the Central Library was listed as one of the most ugly buildings in the world a survey on the BBC claims that Birmingham has three of the most ‘scary road junctions’ in Britain.

spaghetti sunset
Spaghetti coming from Coventry

Unsurprisingly Spaghetti Junction comes out top, presumably selected by people who have never driven on it as you just have to follow the signs! More strangely the simple M5/M6 intersection junction comes in at number 5 and most bizarrely of all Five Ways junction is at number 8.

Broad St ahead
Five Ways from above

So the junction just outside my office is the eighth worst in Britain? Yes it’s busy – often very busy – but it is just a roundabout with five roads.

What is most perplexing about the list is that everyone in the office is very clear about what should top the list: the Coventry ring road!

Just one car?
Coventry ring road at night

— Pictures Paul & Elizabeth
— Words Paul




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