The production of sloe vodka: a photo essay

11 10 2009

First find the berries. Fortunately for us about 25m down the road.
Hidden fruit

Wash and dry the berries. Remove any bugs or leaves.
Pile of shiny black

Prick each fruit. The traditional way is to use a thorn from the Blackthorn bush but a pin will do.
With these hands

Part fill the jars with berries. Any jars will do but we saved passata bottles and filled them about a third full of berries.
Soft black pearls

Add some sugar. We used about two table spoons of golden caster sugar. We’ll need to keep tasting and adding more sugar.
Sweet pour

Pour in the vodka. Which was the cheapest 1 1/2 litres the supermarket had (but it was from Waitrose so it’s never going to be that rough)
Clear but strong

Shake and leave. This is the hard part as they should be left for about three months turning to mix every few days.
Under liquid

Of course the more conventional use of sloes is in sloe gin… which we’ll be making next.

— words and photos by Paul.




2 responses

11 10 2009

That’ll be part of the Sloe Food movement, then…

11 10 2009
Inversion Layer

You’ve made me want to listen to Under Milk Wood 🙂

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