Baby’s first book

31 05 2009

Everything in India is turned up to 11. To encompass the enormity of the country, the culture, the architecture, the food, the possibilities requires a particularly hefty guide book. A couple of years ago we decided that the only practical thing to do was to slice up our Lonely Planet guide and just carry the relevant sections, but we needed stationery supplies to keep the pages together and the used sections got rather dogeared in transit.

In just a few weeks we’re off on yet another trip to India, this time to Jammu & Kashmir and Punjab, and for this trip we’re better prepared. First we dissected both the Lonely Planet and the Footprint guide books, and then we reassembled them with blank pages for note-taking and a printout of our trip itinerary.

The bits we don’t need this time:

Book making 1: gather the information

Having consulted the internet and learned how to stitch loose pages to make a book, we drilled holes in our proto-guide book and then stitched the whole thing together.

Book making 2: stitch the signatures

So far so straightforward, but it needed a cover. After a lot of measuring, a little cutting and some simple sewing, we had a fabric cover into which the book slips. The addition of a tie made with ribbon purchased at the tailor’s market in Madurai and a print from a discarded wood block purchased in Jaisalmer brightened things up and fitted it for its destination.

Book making 3: sew and print the cover

— words Elizabeth
— photos Paul




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