Hansel and Gretel fight back

1 01 2009

On Tuesday we ventured into the woods in deepest, darkest Northamptonshire. From the outset there were warning signs, if only we’d recognised them.

warning sign

“Remember that pink tree” we exclaimed, as we noted disturbances in the space-time continuum

early evidence of disturbances in the time-space continuum

and thinning of the boundaries between worlds.

thinning of the boundary between worlds

“Is it safe? What does it mean?” Foolishly, we continued to wander through the forest until suddenly we came upon a clearing and glimpsed something tantalisingly colourful in the distance.

Colour in the landscape

Tipped off by all the warning signs, we approached with caution, circling round the cottage, observing it from a safe distance.

...and through the trees is the gingerbread house

From that safe distance we were able to identify and outwit the defence system.

Tank in the field

strange attire

As we approached, it became obvious that this was a witch’s cottage, a place of evil that didn’t belong in the benign Northamptonshire countryside.

no-one expects the witch's cottage

We could feel the evil emanating from the place, so we used the only magic available to us at the time, and fought back with photography.

hansel records the crime scene

First we drained all the colour from the witch’s abode.

The retro gingerbreadhouse

Finally, armed only with our cameras, we succeeded in returning the cottage to its own place of evil.

Phasing out

And for the first time that day the world looked like a safe and inviting place.

promise of safety

For more information on Richard Woods’ Stone Clad Cottages installation, see Fermynwoods Contemporary Art Gallery. And for all our Fermynwoods pictures go here and here

— words by Elizabeth
— photos by Elizabeth and Paul




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