one by one fulfills a plan and leaves 3 ghosts in Birmingham

7 06 2008

As a coda to this earlier post the début CD from Birmingham band Johnny Foreigner, waited up til it was light, comes with seven interchangeable covers, all featuring city landmarks.

waited up til it was light

The artwork is by the same artist as for the EP discussed in the earlier post but fortunately this time he is credited: Lewes Herriot, who is a 25 year old self taught illustrator/artist from… Birmingham. The artwork is again wonderful with the illustrations perfectly complementing the photography of the city. It even comes with a map of places in the city important to the band, The Barfly, The Flapper, Bullring, Hall Green Library etc. Now all that is needed is for someone to do a google maps mash-up of the locations to create a ‘Johnny Foreigner City Tour’. [EDIT: thanks to J clicky clicky (see comments) I now know that the band have already done the mash-up with places/lyrics/songs on the map]

The music lives up to the graphic design and the band are even better live. Pictures below are from their gig at the Roadmender, Northampton, 30th May 2008.

I'm glad you're alive

Before we start...

— words by Paul
— pictures by Paul and Elizabeth




2 responses

8 06 2008
j clicky clicky

Believe it or not, Johnny Foreigner already put together the Google Map mash up late last year.

8 06 2008
Inversion Layer

J: oh that’s fantastic, thanks for letting us know. Like that they have included not only the locations but have also referenced them to the relevant lines and songs.

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